Eligibility Post

I am eligible for awards in the short story category, and upon the urging of my Clarion smacklings, I'd like to throw my porkpie hat into the ring:

The year 2020 has been a tirefire, yet the most writing I have ever done. My up-and-coming stories won't be out until the beginning of next year, so I have two offerings.

Cossmass Infinities published a fantasy short, "heartsob playplayplay promisegift," in issue #3 in September of this year.

In a fae-scoured Earth, Caitlin plays several dangerous games with her fae counterpart, Aisling, in order to win her family back. But when stories and your own imagination can be turned against you, when even hope itself can lead you astray, what else is left?

Lamplight published a horror short, "Menobezoar," in Volume 9, issue 2 in December of this year.

Stephen receives an unusual offer, to help his brother Joe overcome all the things holding him back: his rage, his paranoia, his self-loathing. All it takes is for Stephan to eat the nails, wires, and metal shards of his brother's sins.

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